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i was iwas singing i was singing along and. it was a good song, wasn't it? it was very good. now it is time for our news review. the independent reports on us president donald trump who has threatened north korea with "fire and fury". he issued the warning hours after us media reports that north korea may have created a nuclear warhead small enough to fit on one of its missiles. the japan times also looks at tensions building in the region. japan's defence ministry said in a report it is "deeply concerned" over north korea's nuclear ambitions, as well as condemning china's military activities in the south china sea. in the ft, us blue—chip companies are about to report the first back—to—back quarters of double digit growth since 2011. the paper says that wall street continues to perform well despite a lack of progress from the new trump administration in enacting a new reform agenda. the guardian financial pages carry a warning from the bank of england saying that the task of regulating the city of london after brexit
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will put a strain on its ability to police the financial sector. and, finally, on front of the telegraph there's been a rush of tributes being made to the american country music legend glen campbell, who's died at the age of 81. the singer dolly parton called him one of the greatest voices of all time. he had his biggest hit with rhinestone cowboy in 1975. with me is paul charles, who is ceo of the pc agency. nice to see you. let's talk about trump, because obviously it's dominating the headlines — fire and fury like the world has never seen — it usually the kind of language that is the preserve of north korea. powell worrying is it that we are seeing it now being bandied about from both sides? -- so how worrying. it is extraordinary from president
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trump, who is on holidays, a little more relaxed than the confines of washington. undoubtedly he is again responding to what he feels is a major threat from us intelligence and merging overthe major threat from us intelligence and merging over the warheads that north korea has. he is talking like dedicated himself to some extent. he is almost reducing himself down to the level of north korea's leadership and it is extraordinary for a us president talking such language of fire and fury and i don't think it helps, well, it certainly doesn't, help the situation at all. you say extraordinary, yet we are used to the extraordinary. this is going further. it is going further. the question is what happens next. everybody is getting extremely nervous 110w. everybody is getting extremely nervous now. cool heads prevail. the level of rhetoric going on? normally you would expect a diplomatic solution to be the first port of call but in this case president
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trump is raising the tone and the volume substantially. rex tillerson is keeping it much more diplomatic. the trump administration has changed so the trump administration has changed so much in recent weeks that you don't really know who is the stable voice around president trump. as a result there is no one reining him in and that is very clear from his comments last night. what is happening is he is raising the rhetoric which is leading to north korea responding by saying we may attack the region of guam, the island of guam. we will attack this area. this is going further than it has. and you wonder where china is. china is the peacemaker. china has the ability to rein in both sides. how far is this going to go? i worry that president trump is someone that will deliver on his words, that will turn around and say, i have had enough, i need to raise my poll ratings in america, i need to look
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strong, i need to deal with north korea, so the threat is not their long—term. korea, so the threat is not their long-term. and it is making countries incredibly nervous, includingjapan, countries incredibly nervous, including japan, they have put out this white paper citing a new level of threat. also concerns about china and its claims to the south china sea. china is not calm in this situation. in terms of its own defence mechanism and what is looking for. japan is rightly concerned. japan is on the side of the us. you would expect them to be together, pushing for a diplomatic solution. japan is being much, in its language than america is. but undoubtedly somebody, and i suspect it is someone not in the region, will have to emerge as a peacemaker to the regional crisis that is emerging, with china, japan, us and north korea — who that will be we have yet to see. it could play out
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in two ways, couldn't it, where we see this situation with north korea, the us and with china in its role possibly solving some issues, or making them worse, like the south china sea. this is the problem - there is no sign of china moving quickly i would say to resolve the situation, it is in their own interest that they keep the sides talking longer, it is in their own interest that they try to find territorial gain in the region, sol am not convinced china can be the answer. it has to be somebody well away from the region, perhaps in europe, perhaps even elsewhere in america or south america who can come forward as some sort of peacemaker. are you volunteering? certainly not a job i would cover. toughjob. very certainly not a job i would cover. tough job. very tough. let's look at the financial times, because while this is going on, and this situation with north korea and america has been going on for weeks and months,
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markets have been sort of quietly ignoring it and focusing on the good news coming out of companies with regards to their earnings — they have been quite strong. that's what this is talking about in the financial times. classic business - getting on with the job. that is what business people do. they run companies, they need to take action. they are not prepared to wait for the political turmoil to play out. what's been happening over the last two or three quarters is ceos have been looking at costs, reducing their costs, interesting to bring about higher profits, and that's exactly what's been happening, the bottom line is going up and as a result the markets see that businesses are running pretty well, certainly in america on the back of a growing us country. concern about the sharemarket is doing so well, breaking records again and again, with many saying it sounds a little bit... it cannot be sustained.
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similarto bit... it cannot be sustained. similar to years ago, will we have another correction? others would save the fundamentals look ok. businesses are in better shape than ten years ago and business leaders today are doing things which are improving profitability very successfully. i don't think this is unsustainable. i think it is sustainable because businesses have processes in place to sort out profitability. equally, innovation is doing it, we are more productive in many sectors than we were ten years ago. the other big business headline is, as if we didn't have enough to worry about with brexit, this warning from the bank of england's deputy governor sam wood is suggesting the central bank is so busy dealing with brexit that it can't regulate the financial institutions as well as they can. this is a shot across the boughs. it really is the regulator saying we need more resources. no really is the regulator saying we need more resources. no sectors really is the regulator saying we need more resources. no sectors are saying... we need to be bigger. we
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need more money. obviously. the regulator is sending a message to numberten and downing regulator is sending a message to number ten and downing st to say that you have to negotiate properly so we that you have to negotiate properly so we have more that you have to negotiate properly so we have more resource, proper so we have more resource, proper structure so we have more resource, proper structure for regulation, but he says he has to scrutinise 401 city firms to ensure each is ready for brexit. this is a huge task. that is a huge ask. you can understand his concern and worry. now, glenn campbell. if you get a tribute from dolly parton, you can't do much better, and the rhinestone cowboy is the title on the front of the telegraph. we can't get it out of our heads. i remember my parents having rhinestone cowboy mccart and the radio. me to. on the car and the radio. do you rememberthe the radio. me to. on the car and the radio. do you remember the words? not really. i can remember the tune, not necessarily the words but his
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legacy lives on, and it is a great shame he has passed away, but, yeah, a great singer. notjust us, he did suffer from alzheimer's. he did, anti— campaignfor suffer from alzheimer's. he did, anti— campaign for that as quite fervently, alzheimer's disease, which is extremely debilitating. yeah. something that drugs companies are trying to do all they can to fix. i think is why said he had alzheimer's for several years. and we have to end it there. thank you so much, paul chars. —— charles. well, let me start with a very dramatic picture from tuesday. that's some rough weather. here's a big storm cloud just off the coast of essex, and two waterspouts, so the marine equivalent of a tornado. pretty incredible. and also a thunderstorm picture here from the south end. some rough weather over the last 12 or 18 hours or so. this low pressure system's spinning around the uk. mind, london missed the bad weather. scotland and northern ireland
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also had some sunshine. now, through the early hours of wednesday morning, there'll be further rain, particularly across lincolnshire, parts of the midlands, into eastern wales and down into the south—west, as well. and also the possibility of some thunder and lightning in some areas as well. note how very different the weather is in the far north of england, scotland and northern ireland. here, you're heading to a fine start for the day with lots of sunshine. so, let's start on a positive note, then. so right from the word go, belfast, glasgow, aberdeen, edinburgh, sunshine to start — temperatures 13 or 14 degrees during the morning rush. then thicker cloud across the north of england and wales. but this is where heavy rain's going to be, say, from birmingham to, say, northampton. just about maybe nudging into the home counties, and squeezing into the south—west, as well. at this stage, from bournemouth, brighton, into kent and sussex probably staying dry. but the heavy rain or the heavy
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showers will get going through the course of the i think latter part of the morning into the afternoon. a little like on tuesday, like yesterday. so, downpours around, slow—moving as well, so it'll be raining for a while in any one location, possibly. say, the home counties, east anglia, maybe london as well. this south—eastern portion of the country and the far south—east as well again will get some downpours. this is where the worst of the weather will be. looking further north, absolutely fine. how are we doing compared to the rest of europe? a bit of a heatwave across some central and southern and eastern parts of europe — look at rome, 37 celsius. a bit too hot to me. i think i'd rather keep the 18 in london. high pressure starts to build on thursday. we still have the tail end of that wet weather across east anglia and the south east.
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so, it may start off grey and wet for a time. it's such a slow moving air of cool weather. it's got to push away. high pressure builds and a window of fine weather develops on thursday. thursday the best day, and then friday into saturday the weather will be hit and miss once again. hello, this is breakfast, with dan walker and naga munchetty. "fire and fury". president trump warns north korea it will face an unprecedented response if it continues to threaten america. as pyongyang says it's considering a missile strike close to an american military base, tensions between the two countries reach new heights. north korea best not make any more threats to the united states. they will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen. good morning, it's wednesday, august 9th.
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also this morning: an extra 500 medical school places in england are confirmed.
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